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The Rest Of My Life


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When a woman becomes pregnant, everyone wants to meet her to talk about the kid. when the kid opens his eyes for the first time, all gather around him and they want to play with him as long as he is small and sweet. Until he gets older and no one else want to think about him. And he goes to the school to select some playmate and then goes to college to makes some friends and escape from loneliness, and when he goes to the work he finds partners to escape from loneliness, he finds some friends on the internet to escape from loneliness, some friends for sympathy, and etc. As the years passed and he now sits on an iron chair with the other grandparents and talks about the things which they've done in their lifes and even sometimes they think about death. This is not good, but I haven't had anyone till now. It's not painful if no one is with me, but nobody knows what is going in my heart and thoughts and it makes me hopeless to continue for the rest of my life. But I'll never give in, Is not matter how hard my life is going, I'm talking with animals and i'm friend with nature. No!!! I will not surrender ! - Vahid Takro

Photographer: Ronald DJ March 2th 2016

Photo taken at: Golestan Palace

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