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Feeling Like a Bird


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I discovered myself in my travels, but it's not as if travel always makes humans happy. In fact, human response never changes in the face of the realities he sees. The more I travel, the deeper I think. My family moved when I was one year old, I experienced the feeling of birds and did not take root in any city, did you experience the feeling when you get out of the car after a long time and touch the ground? It's a weird feeling, but I haven't experienced it yet. Imagine someone who is like this and can't live without animals and roads, now he has to stay home because of a virus outbreak. I don't know anyone who follows health protocols as much as I do, but to be honest, I'm tired of the walls that humans has built. My heart wants forests, plains, roads and deserts. I guess I'm going to run away like a prisoner, and that shouldn't be considered as irresponsiblity, now I see myself as a wild bird that hits the cage in the captivity of man-made buildings, even though the roads are also man-made.

Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Aug 2016. Where I had the honor of being with the birds.

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