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I Am Like Earth


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Until I opened my eyes, I found myself on the road, my beliefs and life were different; I wasn't happy that I felt this difference since I was a child, until recently the virus spread around the world and now I have a common feeling. I feel we have something in common. But not in everything... yet.

I am like the earth, with the autumn my feelings explode, my leaves fall and people walk on them, with winters I sink into myself, as I feel the winter lasts five years, but still, as time goes on and with the arrival of spring, I come to life again, I want to fly again. I feel like I have the same feeling as the earth from the coming of spring. The spring of the lands of Persia is very beautiful, I decided to travel to all of it this spring and then move with you to another part of the world. Staying away from humans may have seemed sweet in some aspects before, but now I have to admit that I miss people so much, I miss to see random people, I understand the feeling of nostalgia more than before.

Koh Tao, Thailand - Sep 2016

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