View of Yalta

I pull the tourniquet and I’m left to drift away with my dreams. My life is just a wreck, all hands have left the deck but I dream, The drugs they fill my veins no one is to blame and I dream, The world’s a golden glow, a happy winning show and I dream … Then cold turkey strikes and all these neon lights; life is mean, I’ll sweat and puke and blab until I’m on a marble slab; life is mean, I crave for the next score as a thief or as a whore; life is mean, It’s a luxury u bet to have any self-respect; life is mean… Then I commit the crime and it’s back to scoring time with my dreams. So the cycle spins and no one ever wins; life is mean. And this they call a crime trapped in addiction time; life is mean

I pull

Photo taken at: Crimea, Ukraine

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