Yalta Everyday Life

I was happy in my heart, When I saw that smiling guy is passing by the waves with his lovely dog. “Peace” can be achieved at the moment.
“Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa

Photo: a restaurant on the seafront of Yalta stylized Greek ship Argo

Tired of wars, tired of being killed, tired of guns, tired of anxiety, tired of nostalgia, tired of losing, tired of winning, tired, tired,… These are all the fatigue that Soviet war generations have experienced. Now it’s time to relax but they still remains in the hearts as nostalgia. Unfortunately wars will never be forgotten. – Vahid Takro .
“Warfare is…the one human activity from which women, with the most insignificant exceptions, have always and everywhere stood apart…”
– John Keegan, A History of Warfare

One of those “insignificant exceptions” that Keegan dismisses so readily was a little scrape that Russians call the Great Patriotic War (Velikaya Otchestvennaya Voina). We call it the “Eastern Front

Tired of

I’m so tired, of everywhere, of everyone. Please tell me you’ll stay with me, I’m sorry if what I said made you mad, My dreams are very big, look at the sea, my dreams are as big as this sea. I am silent, but the lion inside me is roaring, listen to the sea baby, It seems very quiet, but it really is not that silent. I forgot everything to be with you, don’t forget me please

I’m so

I was walking in the street by the sea of Yalta, This grandmom was looking at me, then I got closer to her, I wanted to talk to her, but she did not know English. But my fellow traveler began to translate our conversation. I asked her to hold her dog, but didn’t accept, she was a war generation, the generations that are keeping the distance. She said I love dark-skinned guys (Even i’m not so dark) I chose you for my granddaughter, she is living in Moscow, I said okay, she found a pen and gave to me and I wrote my contact information, Not because of her granddaughter, But I wanted to stay in touch with this lovely grandmother. But her granddaughter still had not written anything

I was


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