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Breakfast Seekers in Tapolca, Hungary


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Breakfast Seekers: In the morning we woke up and went to breakfast with Zoltan and Annaszus, we danced so much last night, so we were so late for the breakfast. Anyway, not all nearby restaurants would do anything that time, so all restaurants were sorry for us. We went to the road to go to the next and next and next and next restaurants. And this was very good for me, Because I could spend more time with my friends and see a beautiful city called "Tapolca". Finally, we found a restaurant in this city that accepted our request. Zoltan showed me to the restaurant owner and said, "Have mercy on this gentleman, he's a tourist! Came from far away" :) After breakfast, we went to the Lake Balaton and we swam. I took a few photos of the road that I will upload soon, after all, we have to go to the wedding!

By the way, the background music is my favorite Hungarian song

Breakfast Seekers
Photo taken at: Tapolca

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