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World: Land Of Loneliness


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    Vahid Takro
  • She considers herself free, shouldn't be like that? Is not the name of this square "Freedom"? I don't think so ..., it's only a name.

    We are lost among the words, among human differences, among this great wilderness called the world. A world that we have been trying for centuries to enlighten it. Now we see ourselves in its dark jungle. A forest divided into huge and outlying cities, cities that are no longer humanized.

    Our world is so widespread, so distant, that the existence of Cyrielle, a French girl with African descent in Tehran's Azadi Square, which means liberation, attracts everyone's attention because she has a different color.

    I thought to myself how we are so distant, why are we human beings different to each other, who made this difference in our minds? Why are we bounded to see each other? Why we made this life hard for ourselves?

    Why we divided the world into several countries? Why not make it one? We must look again at our achievement, to the world which we all know ourselves as "open-minded" in it. If this world is an enlightened world, then who brought it to this day?

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    How long will it take, how long will we humans be in war with one another, how long will we foster war and hatred in our hearts? These people will no longer feel love, hatred has spread throughout their existence, and I feel suffocated, I no longer can breath.

    When I turn the pages of history, blood leaks from it; meanwhile everyone is proud of their history, so am I; but what makes history so honorable? We just killed each other, we made guns, we made religions and now we suppress each other by them. What do religions want from us? Do they want anything but peace and love for us? Or have they come to destroy our destiny? I don't think so, they must have built their building peacefully at first.

    Sometimes we feel we have to flee this city, country, and the world, what is it that we have made in ourselves? Shouldn't we get our hands back and fall in love? Shouldn't we make peace again? Shouldn't we rebuild our world?

    Give me your hands, let's rebuild everything together, my dear biotype...

    World: Land Of Loneliness 1 (Photographer: Vahid Takro)

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